Tony Edgell Be Your True Self-A HERO
Purpose, Power and the Hero You were meant to Be


Hello my friend. I know without a doubt there’s a Hero inside you. . . something inside of you that wants to be more then you ever dreamed you could be. There’s a purpose—a mission—you want to accomplish in this Universe, which will bring you extreme joy and contentment in life.

 As a motivational speaker and keynote speaker that touches the lives of others in an inspirational way, I have supported others in self improvement and realizing their dreams.

Sharing your calling to make the world a better place is what will put a smile on your face when you wake and when you go to sleep at night. The greatest challenge you have to sharing this gift is a lifetime of conditioning from society, or unlearning what you’ve been told would make you happy.

And learning what your heart truly desires to do is what makes you come alive. That’s what it is to live as your true self, be authentic and true to who you are—to do what makes you come alive, NOT what everyone else is doing and what you have been told you should do.

That’s where I come into place. My passion, what I live for, is to help you find your purpose, power and the Hero you were meant to be, and to inspire you on your journey to share your special gift.