Hello friend,

I have a huge confession, I wrote The Hero Inside You and wasn’t the Hero I described in the book or the person I needed to be to help change the world for the better. Unfortunately, I was going to be the next preacher in the world.

My definition of a preacher is someone who talks a good game but doesn’t walk the talk, tells you that something outside of you will make your life better and speaks from the head, not from the heart.

I was looking for worthiness by being on stage and people telling me how important I was. Sadly I wasn’t walking the talk! This world doesn’t need more preachers it needs people living from their hearts.

So what changed?

A little bit ago I was very fortunate to go to a spiritual retreat called Soul Institute. My wife had been after me for weeks to go, and I said: “no way am I going, have fun.”  

I thought I was a spiritual guru that had all the answers. And I was very turned off of spiritual teachers. Somehow she convinced me to go. Still, don’t know how she did that.

On the first day of the retreat at the last break, I almost punched one of the participants. Yep, this Mr. Peace book writer almost hit someone at a spiritual retreat!!

What happened is one of the male participants asked me a question, and I answered him, but from my perspective, he said he didn’t like my answer, and I was wrong.

All of sudden I felt this rage go through my body, my forearms felt like they were on fire. It was extremely obvious to everyone in the room that I was pissed. I felt extreme anger in my body for about 12 hours.

That really sucked for my image of being a loving spiritual guru.

I later found out at Soul Institute courses that I had been mentally, physically and emotionally abused as a child. I found out because I had suppressed the abuse and didn’t remember it happening.

When I looked inside, I found a wounded, scared, angry and sad little boy that wanted to be healed. This little boy just wanted to be loved and feel worthy.

The feelings and thoughts from this scared little boy were controlling me and my life, and I didn’t even know it. Unconsciously I was being controlled, and I had no idea.

I am very blessed to say I have learned to live from my heart. To be a Hero who brings love and light into the world, not fear, judgment, and hate from the past. To know divine truth, peace, and freedom that’s in all of us. We just forgot.

I just recently read The Hero Inside You like a new person who never read the book. I was shocked how good it was. After I read the book, I thought this book could help and serve the world.  I have no idea how I was able to write this book with who I was. Crazy!!

We are living in very exciting times. Now is the time we will transform the world into love. It’s very sad and scary we will have to see all the darkness in the world to choose light.

There is nothing more this world needs right now than for us to be Heart Heroes bringing love into the world. The thing we are most afraid of the world needs the most!

We all have a calling.  The first calling is to bring love into the world and live as brothers and sisters.

No matter what color our skin is, what country we live in, how much money we have or don’t have, what political party we belong to, what religion, sexual preference we are all one in this together.

All I have to do is watch the news and sadly see we are not answering the call…..  We’ll you answer the call from your heart?

The second calling is we all came with something to give to the world with love, a divine role that we came to earth to fulfill. We want to do this more than anything else in the world. Fear and stories from the past stop us from doing and being this in the world.

I would love to share with you how to be a Heart Hero. To be an Eagle who helps transform the world to love and freedom.


To The Heart Hero Inside of You,