When you catch a glimpse of your potential,

that’s when passion is born.

~Zig Ziglar

 I am struggling with writing this article, because twelve days ago I attracted bronchitis and I’m still not feeling 100%. I have no idea how I attracted this to myself, but I’m going in deep inside to my wisdom to figure this out. I know we attract everything to us and there will be gold in knowing what’s in my conscious that attracted this.

The other day, I shared with my wife that since I’ve been sick, I have a lot more compassion for people who are not feeling well. And her answer really made me stop and think. She said most people don’t realize that they feel bad, because their health deteriorated slowly over years; she pointed out that mine went from great health to bad health instantly so I really noticed. Most people don’t notice the small, microscopic slides to poor health.

WOW, REALLY!!! My friend, when you wake in the morning, if you don’t feel extremely excited for another day and throughout the day, you don’t feel alive. I’m going to tell you very bluntly that’s not how it should be at all!!! It’s your birthright to feel awesome!


I’ll give you three ways to start feeling great:

  1. Find your purpose and meaning in life. There is absolutely nothing more exciting than getting up in the morning and knowing something or somebody needs you’re special gift. Imagine yourself doing something right now that you love to do, get paid well to do it, and it makes the world better and more beautiful. Does that get you excited? That’s how you’ll feel everyday when you’re living with passion. I am committed to you finding and living your purpose in life. I wrote a book on how to find the reason you came to Earth; it’s called The Hero Inside You 
  2. What are you allowing in your consciousness and what are you thinking and saying? Are you allowing yourself to listen to bad news through TV, newspapers, and people? Guess what? When we allow crap in, it makes us feel like shit. Please experiment with this—watch a few hours of the nightly news and check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling. Or how does it feel to be around a negative and caustic person? You’re in charge of your life and you can break habits and the comfort zone of what goes between your ears to feel amazing.

The second part of this is your thoughts and words. Listen to what you’re thinking and speaking. Because if the majority of it’s garbage, you’ll attract that garbage right into your life. A tool to start erasing the garbage is affirmations. Which is the exact opposite of the thoughts we inherited in life. An example of an affirmation is: I am feeling great everyday by being in charge of what goes in and out of my mind.

  1. What we eat plays a huge factor in how we feel. If the majority of our diet is processed food, then we’re going to feel bad. Again don’t take my word for it—experiment. Eat fast food, processed food, sugary deserts, and whatever you want for a week and see how you feel. The next week only eat things that come from the earth and see how you feel? I know my diet before being sick was about 80-85% natural foods from the earth; after being sick I’m going to be at about 95%!

 Another thing you can do to start feeling great is to do something almost every day that gets your body moving. It’s shocking how much better we feel when we go from stationary to movement.

You are an amazing human being that has the power to change your life and feel great and attract great things into your life. Tell yourself this daily if you don’t feel it NOW.


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A comfort zone is always based on your past never your future.

~Mathew Pezziment