About Tony

Hello, my friend! I’m Tony!

I am extremely blessed to say that I have learned to live life from the inside out and my heart.

I have done the greatest thing for myself by healing from past abuse and no longer allowing it to control me. I live in the present which is the greatest gift in life. YES!!!!

Through my healing, I have realized what true divine love is which is the opposite of what I learned growing up.  In other words NOT all the BS the world teaches what love is.

I am not all proud of what I’m about to write but accepting this has helped become authentic and a connected human being to myself and others.

I had very serious anger problems. It caused me to get into bar room fights, road rage for someone just making an honest mistake on the road, a bad friend and a horrible husband.

In high school, I would bully kids just to make other people laugh to try to make myself feel good about myself.

I am very fortunate and lucky that I didn’t end up in jail, homeless or commit suicide from all this poison that was controlling me from the inside.

I am extremely grateful that I have taken the Heart Hero’s journey and evolved into a compassionate human being with a huge open heart.

I found my calling, true self and freedom and I am dedicated to helping others uncover the life they, too, are called to live.

I love to inspire, laugh and have fun with those around me.

I now live a joyful life full of peace in South Carolina with my beautiful wife Gail and our daughter Annie, our dog.

Committed to the Heart Hero Inside You!