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Forward-It’s time to fly like an eagle.  

Chapter 1- sing along! Come on, you know you want to. It will put a smile on your face, and you will feel good.

Chapter 2-We came to this planet to be ALIVE. When we live from the heart, we feel alive.

Chapter 3-Take the climb and be very courageous. 

Chapter 4-Life is such a precious gift, live it.

Chapter 5-It’s a beautiful day when you can surrender to being right and choose happiness and being curious. 

Chapter 6-let your heart enjoy Ike, a real Hero.

Chapter 7-Imagine the world we would live in if we all questioned our beliefs, society and lived from our hearts. 

Chapter 8-We live in a wonderful world.

Chapter 9-We are not the conditioned mind programming of external happiness we have internal gift from our heart that wants to come out.

Chapter 10-Who are you? I really want to know. 

Chapter 11-Find the higher power inside of you and you will be raised up. 

Chapter 12-Martin Luther King, Jr., a courageous man who put love in action with a great song by U2.

Chapter 13-You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!  The second song for the chapter. You are Perfect!!!

Chapter 14-What the world needs now is love, what do you choose?

Chapter 15-Everyone wants passion in their lives. You have learned how to feel passion and be alive. The second song for the chapter. Celebrate,get excited and dance!  You have learned how to experience what you want out in life. What’s stopping you?

Chapter 16- There are no coincidences in this Universe, you were meant to read this book because you are a Hero. 

Chapter 17-What about living in the now and being a Hero now?