Everything you are against weakens you.

 Everything you are for empowers you.

~Wayne Dyer

 Years ago I used to read the paper from front to back. I saved all the papers and read them from front to back when I got home from vacation. I had favorite news websites that I had to visit every day to know what’s going on. Let’s face it—if I didn’t keep up with this info, what would happen to the world?? There was absolutely nothing I didn’t know or have an answer for; the world was going to hell in a handbasket and I knew why. I knew exactly what was wrong and what I was against. A few years ago, I listened to my intuition and gave up the paper and all that news cold turkey. Looking back on this, I am so grateful I made the choice to follow my intuition (article on intuition) and do this. It’s amazing when I look back on my life—it’s the little things combined that helped me transform my life.

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Before making this conscious decision, I knew exactly what I was NOT for, but I had no idea what I was FOR. I knew what was bad and ugly in the world, but I did not know what was beautiful and wonderful. I started to get in touch deep inside myself at a heart and soul level, and what I was not for and the bad and ugly washed away from my being. Like water running over a rock to make it smooth. And now I see how amazing this world is and what I am truly for. This clarity has changed my life profoundly.

I’m for teaching people to find love, joy, peace, and freedom that’s inside of all us. I’m for teaching people to live their purpose and passion by sharing their gift and making the world better and more beautiful. I’m for sharing divine truth and inspiring people to remember their oneness and to live in harmony with each other. I’m for living my life without blame, guilt, shame, or judgment of myself and others, because I know we are one.

What are you for?? Not what are you against. This can be a very hard question because since we’ve been little, we have been bombarded with information on everything that’s bad and needs fixed in the world. Just turn on the television or read a newspaper—what’s it telling you? There’s power in knowing what you’re for; that’s how the world gets better—by knowing what you’re for and taking action to make that dream a reality.  What you are for is found in the silence inside of you away from noise. You have incredible truth and knowledge inside you that will lead you to your purpose and passion in life.

There are things you can do to find the amazing wisdom inside you:

  1. Mediate to silence the noise and find the wisdom within you.
  2. Listen to the intuition inside of you. Don’t be surprised if it’s the opposite of societal “norms” and everyone around you.
  3. Consider giving things up that might be adding to the negative news feed to your brain. (magazines, websites, news, newspapers)

If you’re feeling like the world’s going to get worse if you don’t pay attention, I know exactly how you’re feeling. This is just a story your mind is making up. Stopping that negative newsfeed is a very empowering and rewarding thing to do for yourself.


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 The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.

~Paulo Coelho