Speaking Program #3

 Inspiration For Tomorrows Leaders    

with Tony Edgell

Attendees will learn:


  • What their children and grandchildren must know to make their lives better
  • The greatest gift we can give the next generation
  • How to have a great government
  • How to have integrity in America
  • How to teach courage 
  • How to leave a legacy
  • What youth must know to be high integrity leaders
  • Two myths we must tell future generations about
  • What needs to be done to prevent bad history from repeating
  • What youth can teach us
  • How to turn talk into action

Tony is on a mission to teach youth how to be leaders with integrity. He is dedicated to showing adults how to teach young adults how to be successful in life.

Tony will empower the audience to teach leadership 

Contact Tony at 803-780-HERO (4376) to have him speak at your next event