Speaking Program #2

Bend and Break the Rules

and Make the World better

with Tony Edgell

Attendees will learn:

  • How to have fun and change the world
  • How to be the greatest generation ever
  • Greatest secrets to living a fulfilled life
  • How the American people will take back their power
  • How to make the world a better place 
  • How to be a high integrity leader
  • The two greatest lies from society that will change your life forever
  • Habits of all great leaders
  • What corporations will look like in the future
  • History’s greatest lessons
  • What the new authentic society is
  • How to obtain peace in the world
  • To follow their heart

Tony left a comfy and secure corporate America job in September 2012 to teach young adults what he wishes he would have heard when he was young. He is dedicated to inspiring future leaders to have knowledge that will put them on the fast track to a successful life.

Tony is inspirational and will get the audience to think outside the box.

Contact Tony at 803-780-HERO (4376) to have him speak at your next event