I don’t see where I’m helping anybody. I need to help people. What can I do? I want to help; I want to be useful. I feel I have a mission, and it’s not coming across. How can I help get the glory of God across to the people?


Think about what was said above from the King. He had absolutely everything that the world said would make him happy. He had money, fame, women, cars, and a mansion. It’s in incredible how popular he was and is. It’s going on forty years since Elvis died, and he is still incredibly famous. And yet he still had a hunger for something different.

USA - CIRCA 1980 : postage stamp printed in USA showing Elvis Pr

I believe one of the greatest things we can learn from Elvis is that we all learned things from society about what will make us happy. And maybe everything we learned is not giving us joy and meaning in our lives. Maybe there is something more that you don’t learn from school, television, and what everyone else around you is doing.

I completely bought into the story we’ve all been told in one form or another. Get a good job, make lots of money, and you’ll be happy. Happy, happy, happy. The problem was I wasn’t happy. Maybe a better way of saying this is that I had no satisfaction from what I was doing, unless you factor in me counting the hours and days to the next weekend and vacation. I cannot think of anything worse than getting up for a job you don’t like and dreading each and every day. This is the sad reality of the majority of people on this planet.

I remember when I started questioning my own thoughts and wondering if there was something more to life. I’d look at people who were retiring and wondered if I could hack it ‘til I retired. I even questioned if retirement was just another story and won’t be as good as I imagined.

So I went on a journey to find more meaning in life. I wanted to know who I was—not what the conditioned thoughts were telling me I was. And I found something deep inside of me that knows who I really am, not who I have been told I was. And it knew what I really wanted to do to serve this planet. I just had to become that Hero inside me to do it.

Guess what? You have the same thing inside of you. You came to this floating rock to be of service with the unique gift you have inside and become the Hero inside YOU to do it.

You have a choice. You can believe you can become your own Hero, or you can believe the opposite—that you came to this planet just to survive and to live in fear. You came here to work at a job that just pays the bills, wear and shop for stylish clothes and jewelry, watch TV, drive a fancy car, retire, and die.

It’s up to you what you believe. But I will say something—get quiet and ask the spirit inside you if you’re just here to survive, or if you’re here to share a special gift from your heart and soul. The spirit inside never lies; you just might not be comfortable with the answer because it’s the opposite of everything you have been taught to think and feel.

Questions to see if our doing your purpose in life:

  • How do you feel in the morning going to work, especially Mondays?
  • If someone offered you a million dollars to leave your job, would you?
  • Do you have great meaning at what you get to do and be everyday at your job?

Have you ever done something for someone or something and it gave you such great meaning and satisfaction? Something that no amount of money can buy. Guess what my friend? You have that same meaning inside of you and the world needs your gift now.


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Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.

~Elvis Presley