What if there were no labels?
Ever ponder how light it might feel without:
good/bad, right/wrong, liberals/conservatives, gay/straight, fat/skinny, pretty/ugly, rich/poor, brilliant/stupid, winner/loser, kind/mean, patient/impatient, warm/cold, happy/sad, funny/boring, conscious/unconscious, awake/asleep . . .it would simply BE what IT IS! And we could BE what WE are!

~Kathy Sommer Buss

An amazing quote by an incredible friend . . . Imagine the world if we had no labels of black and white thinking. You would feel free to be and do what you wanted in life. You would not be judged by others or by yourself. You would be free!! There would be no pointing fingers and calling them enemies, instead they would be looked upon as brothers and sisters of the human race.


I believe we have a horrible disease in the world and it’s called “Judge others to make yourself feel good.” Have you heard of this disease? Warning: 9 out of 10 doctors say it takes the feeling of being alive from you. I know the disease well—very well—I had it the majority of my life. I’m not about to tell you that I’m perfect in this area, but I have grown and evolved immensely in this regard. For that I’m grateful, and my friends, family, and everyone I come in contact with are probably grateful, too.

I’m extremely appreciative that I had a major shift in my life in which I realized I didn’t like myself very much and I was trying to make myself feel better by criticizing and judging others. A lot. I realized I could make a choice everyday to be different and bring encouragement, inspiration, and love into this world.

I believe it’s important to understand that the judgmental way of thinking has been programmed (conditioned) in most of us since we have been small children. We learned this from family, friends, society, and the real big one—TV—so we’re just emulating what we learned when we were young. Our mind is running on automatic and completely unconscious to past conditioning. Guess what? You’re now aware and you can now make a choice for higher good in the world.

What do you choose for the world? Do you point your finger (remember there’s four pointing back at you) at politicians, rich people, poor people, doctor, janitor, lawyer, trash truck driver,  fat people, thin people, gay people, religious people, black people, white people, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, or people who live in other countries? Or do you choose to see them as human beings taking the journey through life?

Shifts in thinking are what will make the world better and more beautiful! And make you a Hero in the world!!

You can be free today simply by not caring what others think of you and follow your heart and do what makes you come alive.


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I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.

Rita Mae Brown