Meet Tony

Hello, my friend. I’m Tony!

Thank you for stopping by!

I'm a fellow human being who has experienced darkness, but it led me to be, to know and to remember my light.

I want to help you find the love, peace, joy, and abundance that I found inside myself. It's in everybody, but it's blocked in most people from the unconscious mind, like it was for me.

You can heal, transform and shift the unconscious stories and beliefs from the past to know how worthy, perfect, lovable, beautiful, and wonderful you are. You can know, feel and experience this in the inside you, not up in your head.

I found the secret sauce to life—healing my unconscious mind and living a life from my heart. Living this life is priceless!

I'm here to help, guide, and support you by sharing my experiences of how I freed myself from the unconscious prison from the past. So you come alive with being the true, authentic, and real you.

You can experience freedom to live from your heart!

Here's My Story…

I was severely abused as a child. 

I was a party animal who drank a lot on weekends. I was the life of the party and got into barroom fights and hurt people. Sadly, I physically hurt people, and the reality of that stinks. It's not pretty to write about it or remember it, but it is the sad truth.

I later got involved in personal development to become wealthy. I remember thinking how happy I would be when I became rich. I thought money was the answer to all my problems. I would feel fulfilled and love myself and life.

The Anger Inside Me…

During the personal development journey, I discovered spirituality. Hearing about love and peace resonated with me. I must have read every spiritual book ever written, and I believed having all that information in my mind was who I was. Looking back on it, no matter how much I tried to convince myself and others how spiritual I was, the anger inside me would continue to show up because I had no control over it. Sadly, I thought I was love and peace in my head, but the reality was I would get done meditating and sometimes find myself shouting at my wife at the time at the top of my lungs. I would blame her for what I was doing and still think I was Mr. Spirituality. I was unconsciously hiding from who I was really being with stories that I was telling myself and the world— that I was Mr. Love and Peace, but in fact, it was the opposite of who I was being in the world.

I Needed Someone or Something Else to Make me Feel Worthy and Lovable…

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I wrote a spiritual/personal development book called The Hero Inside You years ago before truly living from my heart because I thought I was a spiritual guru. I thought it would make me feel great about myself, get rich, and become important. People were going to love me and make me feel worthy. I needed something or someone else to make me feel worthy and lovable because I didn't believe it unconsciously deep inside.  

Years ago, I worked at my career job just for the money. As a child, I was told how unworthy I was, and having this job was my way of trying to prove my worth. It paid a lot, gave me status, and if you did my job, you were supposed to be smart.

I was not happy at work because I only did it for the money, and money didn't feed my soul. I had a great job but hated what I did. As a result, I was not a great employee, and I never gave 100 percent. Unconscious about it at the time, I let the poison inside control my effort and happiness at work..

I  Remembered Past Trauma

My wife at the time came home one day and said she had found a spiritual teacher, and she wanted to do her program. Of course, as I was thinking at the time that I was already a spiritual expert, I said to her, "No way, I'm not going. You go and have a great time." After a lot of convincing from my wife, I joined her to attend the spiritual weekend. With the spiritual teacher's help, I found out I had been severely abused as a child. I had suppressed it and didn't remember it happening. I found a lot of rage, sadness, and hate bottled up in me from the past abuse.

I am very blessed to say I healed my abuse from the past by coming to terms with my past beliefs, emotions, and stories and shifting, healing, and transforming them. If I hadn't healed myself, I would have ended up committing suicide or being homeless or going to jail again. Knowing this, I am incredibly grateful and committed to helping others.

I'm blessed to be free from my past and to live from my heart. I have freedom to be who I truly am, not who I was told I was in the past. I’m incredibly grateful!

Awaken to the True and Real You…

I now understand that I saw darkness, and I was part of the darkness in the world to remember my light. I have found peace, and I will help people find peace that is natural in all.

Free yourself from the past and live from your heart with peace, power, love, purpose, kindness, strength, joy, purpose, courage, compassion, and the true and real you.

I'm committed to being of service to you and to helping you get out of your unconscious prison.


Hey, my friend, if you made it this far there’s a reason…

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