Free Yourself

From Your Unconscious Prison Using
The Law of Attraction

Do you feel lost, stressed, unhappy and deep down you know there's more to life?

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Hello, my friend. My name is Tony Edgell!

I often heard that the secret to life was changing the inside of myself. I read many spiritual and Law of Attraction books and heard many teachers speak, only to be very frustrated because they never told me how to change the inside of myself. I am extremely blessed to have found out how to change the inside of myself using the Law of Attraction.

I shifted, healed, and transformed myself from being severely abused as a child to living from my heart and being love, joy, peace, and abundance. And to live my purpose in life of helping people transform their lives by changing what’s blocking them unconsciously from the past to live from their hearts. Freedom!

I know the pain of living life unconsciously from the past and believing the problem was outside of me (the world). I was in automatic mode because the past was unconsciously controlling me, and I didn’t know it. Words can’t explain how the unconscious mind controls you; you must experience it for yourself. If I had heard about being unconsciously controlled from the past before being healed, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m grateful that I have experienced it!
Free yourself from the unconscious prison to live from your heart and feel the aliveness and peace that’s inside of you.

© 2021 Tony Edgell

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